Idle feline is a women-owned and operated business nestled in the heart of Oakland, CA dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality backpacks and chalk bags. Idle Feline creates space where creativity and adventure converge with a passion for rock climbing, artisanal craftsmanship, and a profound love for cats. Idle Feline strives to create a welcoming space where all climbers, regardless of gender or background, to feel represented and empowered. Through collaborations, events, and advocacy efforts, Idle Feline seeks to break down barriers and foster a more inclusive outdoor culture. At the core of Idle Feline ethos is a dedication to functionality, durability, and sustainability. Each product is meticulously designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring superior quality and attention to details with a purrfect touch of feline affection.

Idle Feline was found in 2022 by Marianna Munguia Chang in Oakland,CA. Growing up in Ukraine while being half Ukrainian and half Nicaraguan, Marianna experienced a vibrant blend of cultures and influences that shaped her worldview. Her mixed-race background enriched her understanding of diversity and creativity. Her first sewing machine, a gift at the age of five, served as the starting point for her self-taught journey into the world of craftsmanship. Armed with an architecture degree from the California College of the Arts, Marianna's journey into the world of outdoor gear began with a fervent desire to blend her passion for design with her love for the great outdoors. Combining a mix of cultural experiences, Marianna infuses her creations with a delicate balance of functionality and elegance, designing products that reflect her deep-seated appreciation for the simple pleasures of life's adventures.